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A little bit about the Author and Life Coach

Faustine Judd

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Even as she releases a paperback version, an electronic version, and a Journal for What we Focus on Grows: Fundamental Concepts for Creating the life you Choose, Faustine already has outlines for 3 more books. These will have Journals, Workbooks and Courses to go with them.


She says, “This is amazing to me since up until two years ago, I didn’t realize I really could write a book, or had that desire in my heart.” When you talk to her, she says, “Learning curves,” and sighs. Then goes on, “I just keep taking on new challenges because every time I do, I am delighted to find I can learn more and then share what I learn to support others in creating success in their lives. I am so grateful.”


So, more books, a new platform to share learning on, creating new courses, no problem. “Don’t worry about the hows, just dive right in, then what to do, who to collaborate with, it all shows up because – What you Focus on Grows!”


“What you make important to your brain, you pay attention to and notice. This will bring success after success!”


"Fail Forward - Everything is feedback giving us more information to move us toward our success."


After doing life- coaching part time for over twenty years Faustine went back to school in her 60’s, got her Masters in Adult Education, then published her first book just before she turned 70.  She encourages people to get clarity now, wherever you are in life, whether you are a teenager, or “retired” feeling like there was something else you wanted to do in life.  She says, “Get clarity, create the vision of the life you choose and go for it now!  Don’t wait!  Done is better than perfect.”


On a more personal note she says, “I have lived in Florida most of my life, love it and love to be in nature, under the trees, by the water. Another passion of mine is art, drawing, painting, creating and appreciating beauty everywhere.”

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