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LifeAnew 4 Success TM
Life Design Coaching,
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FREE Series on Successful Goals
"Use Curiosity vs Frustration  to Accelerate Success"

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GOALS for Success Part 1: From Dreams to Goals



If you are interested in being supported as you Re-Design your Life,  please give me a call!


Check back to the website for details on our new pilot course that will be limited to the 8 people.  Based on What We Focus on Grows, we will Examine our beliefs and what works for us and what does not as well as revisiting our values to make sure we are living a life based on our values rather than that what we believe is expected of us or our parents values or fears.  And more.  

You can choose to Experience Weekly Design Sessions based on an hourly fee.

Or you may choose a newly launched Life Design package if you feel stuck and are procrastinating , holding yourself back from completing your goals ...AND ready to change that.

If you are in transition - Divorce, Career changes, Empty Nest, Moving toward "Retirement" or other life changes, take advantage of this opportunity to transform your life by designing it to be the way YOU want it to be.  


If you have a project you want to complete and you want to feel all the joy and satisfaction that will come from that - Come Design you Life NOW.

It you are an entrepreneur or have a dream of being an entrepreneur, you have a dream a goal of creating a business that will make the world better in some way and create wealth in multiple aspects of your life, but life keeps getting in the way, this program is for you.

Accelerate Action & Success Life Design Program  

Accelerate Action & Success Life Design Program

For anyone with a goal to complete who feels stuck and is frustrated by feeling frozen in place.

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Telephone:  813-966-5847

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Consultation for


Action & Success

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Information Session

  1. You’ll discover 3 things that successful people do to achieve their dreams so that you can accelerate your results and achieve yours.

  2. You’ll get a clear picture of what you can do to move toward your goal.

  3. You’ll achieve clarity on what is keeping you stuck, not taking action toward your dream.

  4. You’ll understand what it means to go from seeing Goals to seeing GResults so that your Commitment to your dream deepens and strengthens to take you through challenges to SUCCESS. 

  5. You’ll get your road map of action that will begin your trip from Stuck to Success.

The Information Session is approximately 30 minutes on ZOOM.

TEXT me so we can arrange a phone call  if you are ready to Commit to your Dreams and Goals.  Lets talk and see if this program is right for you.

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The core philosophy behind LifeAnew
Success Classes & Coaching is based on the synergy between Community and Self-Discovery & Growth. We believe in using technology to our advantage while adhering to the original pillars and values of our organization.

  • Life-Long Learning

  • Compassion

  • Diversity and Inclusivity

  • Community

  • Collaboration

  • Environmentally Sustainable Living

  • Self-Discovery

We have been teaching workshops, classes and doing life coaching since 2000  We are committed to improving, continually learning new ways to support people in creating the success filled life they CHOOSE to live. Keep checking back for the announcement of our YouTube Channel as well as other class offerings that will begin to appear

during the last Quarter of 2022

LifeAnew Resources, LLC - Create the Life YOU Choose, NOW!

Loving yourself is your magic wand for transformations in your life.

Hello, my name is Faustine Judd


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Are you at a transition point in your life, job change, divorce, empty nest –and your key word is CHANGE? 


You know you have more to contribute in life, maybe you want to leave a legacy.


Maybe you feel like you are at some kind of crossroads where the words to that old Peggy Lee song rings true. 

“Is that all there is?”


Maybe you are someone who has done things for others all your life, neglecting ideas and dreams you have had.  You have put the things you have wanted to do or create on the back burner for everyone else’s needs, parents, spouse, children. 


You may have an idea but feel stuck.  You know you don’t want to take up residence on the couch or just play golf every day.


If any of that strikes a chord…Are you ready for transformation?

Let’s explore, find what lights you up, and take action.  You have been in training all of your life, learning skills and honing your strengths.  Come dive into your joy! 

Remember your core values and live your passions.  If not now, WHEN?  


What is your dream?  Writing that book… or series of books?  Having your poetry in print?  Learning to paint, play music, sing, teach classes.  The world is wide open, you can try your hand at most anything.  Again, IF NOT NOW, WHEN?

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How do I know you can do it? 

Because I have! 

In my early 60’s [while working full-time] I went back to college and got a Masters in Adult Education. 


While working as an advisor for an Entrepreneurs Course I helped a friend get her book published, the memory of my desire to write a book was rekindled and within a year I had written my first book and had it published just before I turned 70! 


OK, let me be clear – I SELF-published the book.  Read instructions online, attended some free webinars, and decided to use on a friend’s recommendation.  Then I read all of their instructions. 


Although I was not completely sure how to do it, I just dove in and did it.  The documents were accepted on the first submission, no reformatting or anything, …and on the second submission, after my friends helped with the editing, I did revisions and it was accepted again. 


I approved the book for sales on and it has been sent out for Amazon and Barnes and Nobel to accept and carry.  Not perfect, but done AND I have outlines for more books plus some Journals.  The book is “What We Focus on Grows: Fundamental Concepts to Create the Life YOU Choose”.


And that is not all – I now have classes that are available online as I move into the seventh decade of my life.   …ALL after I retired.  Wooo Hooo.


If I can do it, so can you.


Please rest assured that you do not necessarily need to have specific formal education to create what you want as long as it is not regulated such as medical, legal, or involves children.  You have skills from your life experience.

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