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Currently we are creating the new  Schedule of classes and other events.  Please check back.


If you are interested in Life Coaching, please give me a call!  I offer Weekly Coaching based on an hourly fee or a newly launched coaching package for people who feel stuck and are procrastinating , holding themselves back from completing their goals.  It was designed for Entrepreneurs, however works for anyone who has a project they want to complete, or goals to accomplish.

The new Coaching Program is:

Accelerate Action & Success Coaching Program: 

A Blueprint for Entrepreneurs

Announcing the new 4 week coaching & Learning Program

Accelerate Action & Success:  Blueprint for Entrepreneurs

[or anyone with a goal to complete who feels stuck and is frustrated by feeling frozen in place.]

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Telephone:  813-966-5847

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Consultation for


Action & Success

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Information Session

  1. You’ll discover 3 things that successful people do to achieve their dreams so that you can accelerate your results and achieve yours.

  2. You’ll get a clear picture of what you can do to move toward your goal.

  3. You’ll achieve clarity on what is keeping you stuck, not taking action toward your dream.

  4. You’ll understand what it means to go from seeing Goals to seeing GResults so that your Commitment to your dream deepens and strengthens to take you through challenges to SUCCESS. 

  5. You’ll get your road map of action that will begin your trip from Stuck to Success.

The Information Session is approximately 30 minutes on ZOOM.

TEXT me so we can arrange a phone call  if you are ready to Commit to your Dreams and Goals.  Lets talk and see if this program is right for you.

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The core philosophy behind LifeAnew
Success Classes & Coaching is based on the synergy between Community and Self-Discovery & Growth. We believe in using technology to our advantage while adhering to the original pillars and values of our organization.

  • Life-Long Learning

  • Compassion

  • Diversity and Inclusivity

  • Community

  • Collaboration

  • Environmentally Sustainable Living

  • Self-Discovery

Since beginning teaching Heal Your Life, Achieve Your Dreams  in 2000, we’ve been committed to improving. Keep checking back for the announcement of our YouTube Channel as well as other class offerings that will begin to appear

during the first Quarter of 2022

LifeAnew Resources, LLC - Create the Life YOU Choose, NOW!

Loving yourself is your magic wand for transformations in your life.

Hello, my name is Faustine Judd


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Come, have fun with us as we grow in our ability to manifest good in every area of our lives through discussion and safe experiential exercises. Expect growth in any or all area of your life, such as:  Health, Relationships, Career, Self-Esteem, Prosperity, Spirituality

Life Anew Resources offers various workshops, study groups, and classes, as well as Spiritual and Life Coaching to help you create the life You choose to live.

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 I have been learning and practicing self-development principles since my Dad gave me Dale Carnegie's book "How to Make Friends and Influence People when I was in high school.


Another influential teacher has been Louise Hay and her books including You Can Heal Your Life since I found her book in 1989.

Maybe it is because I am a "teacher" at heart, evidenced by making my young cousins play school with me as the teacher as far back as elementary school, I like to share all the possibilities for


Committed to assisting others in developing and using their own inner powers to create what they want in life, I continue to offer new workshops, study groups, master mind groups, coaching. and SOON books and ONLINE CLASSES.


In 2000 I became Certified to teach the Heal Your Life Material and in 2008 I became a Life Coach in the Heal Your Life tradition.   Although no longer a part of that group what I learned in those programs are woven in with all the other resources I draw on. 


Finally, 2017, I received my Masters in Adult Education from USF. 

NOW, in AUGUST 2022, comes the publication of my first book - "What We Focus on Grows"  More information will appear on this site for pre-order soon.

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Through the use of skills and knowledge gleaned from classes, workshops and work experience in family and group dynamics, counseling, as well as ministerial training I provide you with a safe, supportive atmosphere to experience the power of Self-Healing.


I am committed to a practice that explores the needs that you find the most pressing. We all know what our passion is inside, what our dream is.  Through the classes offered by Life Anew Resources you can learn skills to help you recognize and live the life you truly desire.  

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When we realize that we hold ourselves back by WHAT WE TELL OURSELVES about situations and people - stuff that may not [most of the time ARE NOT] even true. 


We can then CHANGE [what a Scary word] what we are telling ourselves and respond to the situation differently, thus EMPOWERING ourselves! 


Think of it, if our "problems" or "challenges" arise from what we are TELLING OURSELF then we have the power to change our experience.


Here is an example from when I was 13.   I was really shy as a child and didn't think anyone at school really liked me.  They weren't mean, and I had several friends I did things with, but I guess I just didn't think I would even be missed when my family moved from Florida to Michigan.


Right before we moved, about 30 kids showed up at the neighbor's place for a going away / pool party --- for ME!      With gifts and cards and letters and everything!"

"WOW!  You could have knocked me over with a feather.  I had been really looking forward to moving, for me it was going somewhere new where I thought it would be "better" whatever I thought that was.  I didn't really think I mattered.


To put this in perspective, at the school I was leaving, I was a cheerleader, a majorette, in band, marching and concert, ran track, competed in the high jump [it was a small school], and was in math club.


I have forgotten the rest of this list of activities I was involved in, but my point is that I was active and engaged and people liked me, but MY THOUGHTS were that I was “not as good as”, “not as pretty as”, “not liked”, maybe even not worth liking.


That was an Ahh Haa moment, to realize I had made up stories in my head.



There continue to be those kind of moments, even this far away from those teen-age years .  For instance, do you know that by unearthing and examining our Fears, we can see what we have Faith in?  Now think about that for a moment.  We know that what we focus on, have faith in, is what we see in our life.  So what to do???  That is one of the types of questions we explore in classes, coaching, and other discussions here.

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